It’s Christmas

Merry Christmas morning everyone!

Last night for Christmas I got some really cool stuff.

  • Mom and Dad gave me a cell phone.  It is an Acer Liquid Zest phone that runs Android.  Now I can text Mom, Dad, Grandpa, Mark, Jerry and Gloria, Aunt Bev, Aunt Pat whenever I want.
  • Dad got me a slot car racing game.
  • Mark gave me a new baseball glove and Marley got me a baseball.  Mark also gave me a new case for my cell phone that says, “Hands off my cell phone!”
  • Mom got me some lenses for my Pentax Q camera.  I have more lenses than Mark now.  She also got me the newest Jedi Academy book.
  • Santa gave me a new 1000 piece Star Wars puzzle and some Skull Candy headphones

Later today we are heading to Jerry and Gloria’s for Christmas dinner.  I am so going to text Jerry and Gloria when I am there.

Merry Christmas

This is my first blog post.  Dad set up a blog and my domain name and gave it to me for Christmas.  I can use the Blogger app to post to my blog from my tablet.  I also got some snowboard boots from Mark and some goggles and gloves from Marley.  This goes with the snowboard that a friend of dad’s gave me.  It’s pretty amazing.

Today was fun.  We were going to go snowboarding but Dad was kinda sick so Mark and I played with my Nintendo 3DS games while Dad slept.  We will go snowboarding tomorrow.

Later today Marley bit Dad which she always does when he is feeding her.  You need to toss Marley food, not hold it with your hands.  Dad never learns.